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Separating cataract fact from fiction

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(KPLC)  Joe Zartler is just two weeks out of the surgeries he had on each eye to treat his cataracts. "Things were fuzzy and some things I had a hard time seeing far away or sometimes even up close," he said.

Cataracts affect more than half of all aging adults, yet in spite of their prevalence, there are still many myths about what causes them and how they are treated. Ophthalmologist Brian Mikulla at Falgoust Eye, Medical and Surgical helped sort out cataract fact from fiction - starting with activities that could lead to the eye condition.

"There really is no activity that you could do that is going to make cataracts worse," said Dr. Mikulla. "People may notice more problems with their vision up close, but that's just an effect of the cataract, it's not a cause of the cataract."

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