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Local volunteers work to feed over a million starving children

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Nearly 8,000 volunteers will spend a total of four days to make 1.5 million meals to feed starving children from all over the world.

We learned Boyd Buchanan School partnered with covenant values foundation to host "Change the World Chattanooga"
They've brought in an organization called "Feed My Starving Children", whose goal is to help fight the battle against hunger.
However, this isn't just a service project for the students of Boyd Buchanan; they're asking for the help of the whole community so they can meet their goal.

"You feel good to be a part of this," said Debora Otto
Volunteers from all over the region came together with one cause in mind, to help feed millions of kids all over the world.
"We're blessed with food so it's good to help out and bless others who are without it," said Chelsea Keiser.
Feed My Starving Children is an organization based out of Minnesota.
"We've been doing this 25 years, we service over 70 countries and it's our hope that we make over 192 million meals," said Gunnlaugsson.
While they're stopped in Chattanooga, they're working to fill 1.5 million of these bags.
"People have just been coming out in droves to help and this shift just made 137 thousand meals," said Dave Gunnlaugsson.
Gunnlaugsson says it costs only 22 cents per meal and every manna bag goes a long way.
"Our manna packs have 6 meals in them. 6 cups and a child who is malnourished, they are given one cup a day-- that is their portion, and it does amazing things for their bodies," said Gunnlaugsson.
Full of nutrients that Gunnlaugsson says they need to help them grow in as little as 3 weeks.
"It's a rice base with a powdered protein, dried vegetables and then the key is a powdered vegetable mix that has 21 different vitamins in it for battling malnutrition and bringing them back to health," said Gunnlaugsson."I've seen this food first hand in Haiti and there are kids in the world that are starving and need our assistance."
"Everyone says they'll give back to kids in need and you never do and I feel like we're finally giving back to people who need it," said Emily Elliott.

If you want to know how you can help out, click here.

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