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Local businessMAN also breast cancer survivor

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Breast cancer kills a woman once a minute. But the disease also affects one in every 1,000 men including Chattanooga businessman Denny Beene.

"My moms had it, my sisters had it, my aunts had it, my wife isn't blood kin but my wife's had breast cancer," Beene said.

Denny Beene named the women in his family who've had breast cancer.

"The biggest thing is detecting it early, they were all able to detect it early," he said.

He knows those four women are fighters; he's not surprised they're cancer survivors. What did surprise Beene was what the doctor told him one September day in 2001: Beene had breast cancer.

"I've never heard of a man having breast cancer," he said. "Turned out to be cancer and you just have no idea."

Beene is also a survivor. He credits good doctors, loving family and close friends like Ben Crownover. He's Beene's long-time accountant and close personal friend. And like Beene, the diagnosis came as a shock.

"I wasn't aware that men had breast cancer at the time," Crownover said.

Crownover of JHM Certified Public Accountants survived a bout with pancreatic cancer two years ago.

"Very scary. Just the mere mention of the word if it doesn't put fear in you, you probably don't have blood running through your veins," he said.

And now Crowner is pledging his help. His firm is the "Survivor Sponsor" at this year's Susan G. Komen "Race for the Cure."

"So many of us know personally that cancer is beatable. That's a big reason that we are sponsoring the Race for the Cure," he said.

The race is an event to race money and awareness that breast cancer affects both women and men.

"Only way they're gonna find a cure is through events like this to raise the money for it," Beene said.

The annual Race for the Cure will be Sunday, Sept. 29 at Finley Stadium.

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