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Hamilton County Clerk's office gets commemorative Civil War license plates

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The Hamilton County Clerk's office has received a limited number of the general issue Civil War Preservation specialty tags.

The Tennessee license plates commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War are available at the Bonny Oaks branch office.  The plate will also be available Friday at the Courthouse office.

"Motorists who pre-ordered a personalized Civil War plate may also receive those at the Bonny Oaks Office.

With a day's notice, the tag can be pre-ordered and transferred to the County Clerk's Courthouse office by calling (423) 209-7910.

County Clerk Bill Knowles said in a news release "Registrants with a valid tag to exchange for the Civil War plate must bring their current plate, tag receipt, and photo driver's license to make application.

The Department of Revenue will permit the Clerk's office to pro-rate any credit that may be applied when making the exchange."

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