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House of Representatives vote to let Delta Queen travel the waterways

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After a short but spirited debate, the House of Representatives approved a bill Wednesday that would allow the Delta Queen, the historic paddle-wheeled steamboat, to once again navigate America's rivers - boosting chances that the vessel will return to its one-time home port of Cincinnati.

The owner of the Delta Queen,  Leah Ann Ingram says they are very happy with the outcome of the vote and plan to have the Delta Queen back on the waterways next year.

When asked about a home port for the historic vessel, Ingram stated that Chattanooga was definitely in the running along with Cincinnati.  But for now a home port had not yet been decided.

She is very thankful for the overwhelming support over the past few weeks from the community.

Representative Fleischman is among the lawmakers that voted in favor of the legislation.

It now heads to the Senate.

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