(WRCB) - Officials at Snow Hill Elementary say the school needs a new playground and a nationally syndicated radio show may be the key to making it happen.

"Kidd Kraddick in the Morning" on WDOD Hits 96.5 is donating $10,000 to the school that gets the most votes online. And Snow Hill Elementary is one of five finalists.

The description of the playground on Kidd's website reads: "We are unable to use our playground for many days in a row because of safety hazards and fire ants. On our wooden playset, a bridge broke during play last year. This year we have no mulch on the ground, so pieces of concrete and rocks are exposed. Several children have tripped and hurt themselves because of these large rocks. Please help us, we love outside and love to exercise!! Our pre-k is also in need of a separate play space because the current playsets are too big for the little students."

Every kid loves recess, right? Fourth graders Kasey and Chris do. When it's sunny outside, they'll spend 30 minutes a day on the playground. The equipment may look okay on the outside but when you get down to the detail, Assistant Principal William Fain said it's not safe.

"We've got holes in the ground, nails sticking out, some of our playground equipment needs to be updated," Fain said. "No parent wants to get that call saying their kid is hurt... As a result of playgrounds not being updated."

Fain said an update is just what the playground needs; nothing major. Some mulch here, some tidying up there, and a special set for the Pre-K kids. Fain said the state has cited the school twice for not having a special area for the younger kids to play.

"They're just little kids. I think it would be really nice if they got a playground too," Chris said.

Fain said the goal is safety and hopes $10,000 can shift focus away from scrapes and bruises and back to schoolyard fun.

"I really like these swings but I'm afraid to get on them cause the bars look really bad rusty and I'm afraid they're gonna fall," said 4th grader Kasey.

You have until Friday at 11:59 p.m. to vote for Snow Hill.