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Mother of Kentory Ray "hurting" after his death

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Doris Ray, the adopted mother of 11-year-old Kentory Ray, invited our crew to share the story of her son.

"Of all the things he could have done. Why would he go down there when he had been told no. Don't go."

Sunday Kentory and his friend, 11-year-old Thomas Ruffin,, were playing near South Chickamauga Creek when both boys fell in and the swift water took them under.

Doris says once other kids from the neighborhood knocked on the door saying what happened she didn't believe it.

"I knew they had the wrong house and there was no way it was my Kentory. I just knew it was not him."

After a day of searching, searchers found Ruffin's body.

Ray says it was at that moment that she had a glimmer of hope.

"Maybe he is holding on and maybe someone had seen him and pulled him out but it wasn't."

Searchers would find young Kentory's body about an hour later.

The Tyner Middle School student was new to the Cromwell Hills area only living there about three months.

Ray says Kentory was like most 11-year-olds, full of energy and described as her "little daredevil."

"Everyone would know who he is because I would call him so many times. I would tell him to get down and he would always say, I wont hurt myself."

Since his passing, neighbors have shown their support, even stopping by during this interview.

Doris says she won't be the same moving forward and the healing process will take time.

"Take one day at a time. Pray that everything is alright with him and that he didn't suffer."

Ray says Mayor Andy Berke visited her to pay his respects.

Kentory Ray's funeral will be held Saturday at 12 p.m. at Advantage Funeral Home on McCallie Ave.

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