The Tennessee Highway Patrol graduated seven new canine teams in a special ceremony at the agency's training center in Nashville and one of the canines is from the Chattanooga District.

Demi, a Belgian Malinois and her handler Trooper Kyle Millsaps participated in the graduation that was held Friday.  

The canine's and their handlers participated in the six-week training course focused on teaching canines to assist their handlers in detecting explosive materials.

The canines were taught to demonstrate a passive response by sitting when explosive substances are discovered.

"The canines play an important role in securing the safety of the citizens of Tennessee.  They work with their handlers in different capacities within the eight THP Districts, the Special Operations Unit and the State Capitol. They are trusted members of the THP and loyal family members to their handlers," Colonel Tracy Trott said.

The graduating teams were presented with a certificate and badge at the ceremony.

This was the second canine graduation this year, in March, the agency held a drug detection canine course and graduation.

With the addition of the new graduates, the Highway Patrol now has 31 canines, including 12 drug detectors, 10 explosive detectors, seven on road patrol, and a cadaver and tracking dog, respectively.  

The new handlers and their canines are listed below.  

Trooper John Carr and Cheyenne (Belgian Malinois) – THP Knoxville District

Trooper Kyle Millsaps and Demi (Belgian Malinois) – THP Chattanooga District

Trooper Denney Mitchell and Dayzee (Belgian Malinois) – THP Special Operations

Trooper Scott Pollard and Nina (Belgian Malinois) – THP Special Operations

Trooper Michael Morgan and Karo (German Shepherd) – THP Capitol Detail

Trooper Brian Carmouche and Tommy (German Shepherd) – THP Capitol Detail

Sergeant Charles Williams and Tonja (Belgian Malinois) – THP Training Center