Tammy Leonard says she was stunned to see her granddaughter's marker gone and that if it hadn't been for family plots around her, they wouldn't have known where she even was.

"Her marker was gone. Her flowers were gone. Her solar powered flowers were gone. Her angels were gone, everything was gone," said Leonard.

She tells channel 3 they had trouble when ordering a tomb stone, so it was taking longer than expected.

Leonard claims she kept Haven of Rest Cemetery notified of the situation.

So until a marker was laid down, the family decorated the site with flowers and a temporary marker from the funeral home.

"We finally got news the tomb stone was in and they were sand blasting the name on it and it would be ready to be set this coming week," said Leonard.

Leonard says she went to make sure the grave site was in good shape for the marker and that's when she didn't see it.

"You can't even tell there is a grave here and I'm sure no one would want anyone to walk on their loved ones graves," said Leonard.

We spoke with the manager at Haven of Rest who tells us they have rules as to what is and isn't allowed on their property, to make it easier on their grounds keeper when mowing.

He says they typically only leave temporary markers up for 90 days and Leonard's Granddaughter's marker had been up for 7 months.

Leonard says she doesn't understand why they would move a marker, knowing the situation.

"I understand the flowers, I understand the angel. But I don't understand why he would throw away her marker."

Leonard says she wants an apology after having to relocate where the head of the grave was and get a new marker from the funeral home.

The manager of the cemetery says they understand the frustration, but were just following the rules.