(WBIR - Crossville) One family had two goodbyes Saturday in Cumberland County after their loved ones became victims in a quadruple homicide late last week.

Rikki Jacobsen, 22, and Dominic Davis, were among the four young people found shot to death at Renegade Mountain in Crab Orchard on September 12, 2013.

Jacqueline Davis, Jacobsen's aunt and Davis' great-aunt, said, "This is the hardest thing for our family. It's just horrific." She continued, "They were [very close], Rikki and Dom, and so I guess they had to die together because one couldn't live without the other."

During the memorial service, arms were placed around one another for comfort while many wearing Denver Broncos colors, Dominic's favorite NFL team, shared their favorite memories of the two.

Davis' friend, Mason Walker, said, "We had a handshake and we would just hang out. He was kind of a confidence builder. He would always make you feel good. He'd never let you stay down."

Tawnja Davis, another one of Jacobsen's aunts and Davis' great-aunts, said, "In my bathroom me and [Rikki] would be in the mirror. I'm going to miss that. Dominic always never failed to come in, rub my shoulders, put his arms around me, and say 'Aunt Tawnja I love you'."

Sadly, the pain being felt now is one the same family has felt before.

"I lost my son three years ago. I know what it's like. That was the first one in our family that we lost and now we've lost two more," Tawnja Davis said.

Friends and relatives said although the two young people may be gone, they will always be remembered.

The other two murder victims, Steven Presley, 17, and John Lajeunesse, 16, were also remembered by those who attended Saturday's memorial service.

Jacob Bennett, 26, and his girlfriend Brittany Moser, 25, are now both charged with four counts of felony murder and 2 counts of attempted armed robbery. Bennett also faces four counts of premeditated murder because investigators say he pulled the trigger.