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Rising R&B artist visits Chattanooga

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When Sebastian Mikael, 24, picked up a guitar at 13 he already had a love for music inspired by his parents and the artists they listened to.

"I would just pick up on a lot of different stuff they listened to, it would be artists like Marvin Gaye, Sade, Bob Marley," explains Mikael.

Originally from Sweden Mikael was classically trained at the Berlkee College of Music in Boston. While there he began to hone in on his love for R&B.

"By making music you kind of, you get to know yourself and what you feel the most comfortable with and what you love the most," Mikael says.

His music also caught the attention of Slip-n-Slide Records in Miami, however, he's never left his classical background on guitar and continues to incorporate it into his sound.

"It could be rock, it could be pop, it could be R&B but when you play it on guitar you strip it down and show the emotion and rawness of the song," Mikael says.

His newest single "Last Night" features rapper Wale who jumped on the chance to be a part of the record. "He actually heard the record and really liked it so he cut his verse and sent it back in like six, seven hours," says Mikael.

The single has already hit the top 25 on the R&B charts, a goal most artists can only hope to reach but Mikael is just beginning.

"I'm just happy that I can share the music that I'm making and be able to put that out there," he says.


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