The Bradley County community is mourning the loss of a 13-year old girl.

This, after the car she was riding in, crashes into a utility pole, killing her on impact.

"She was just a happy go lucky, all around happy person," said Sierra Baker.

Baker describes Alexis Pagan as her best friend, whom she'd known since kindergarten.

"She was just a loving and happy person," said Baker.

Family, friends and peers gathered in her honor to pay their respects after her life was cut short in a deadly single car crash on Friday night.

"Looks like it may have rounded a curb, came around and struck a utility pole and broke it about a foot of the way up," said Bob Gault, Public Information Officer for Bradley County.

The Sheriff's Department says four people were in the vehicle. The driver and one minor were injured and transported to the hospital, another did not need treatment. But, Pagan died of her injuries.

It was news Baker says she wasn't expecting and at first didn't believe.

"Somebody texted me and told me and I said ‘what kind of sick joke are you trying to play?' That's nothing to joke about," said Baker.

However, Baker quickly found out what she feared had come true.

"I burst out in tears, it was just horrible," said Baker.

She tells us she and her friends all know Pagan is in a better place, but says it will take time to heal after losing such a close friend.

"It just takes some time to get over, you can't just get over it in 5 minutes," said Baker.

The Sheriff's Office says the investigation is ongoing, as they look for answers to what caused the crash.