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Civil War re-enactment at Mountain Cove

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The three day Civil War re-enactment to commemorate the Battle of Chickamauga 150th anniversary starts this weekend.

Thousands of re-enactors from all over traveled to Mountain Cove Farms in Walker County where the historic event is taking place.

Many shared their family ties to soldiers that fought for what they believed was right between 1861 to 1865. To get a real feel for what those fighting during the mid 19th century went through, some re-enactors eat, sleep, dress and study the role they take on. 

Lee Miller is a local historian.  He says,"its personally important to me to be here and re-enact this battle of American history and because of the family ties.

Duncan Ing is a re-enactor from Memphis.  He says, "I do this because I have always had a deep love for history and I get to experience the things my ancestors did and teach that to other people."

If you would like find more information; where to buy tickets, event details and the location - click this link.

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