UPDATE: Betty Mundy plead guilty on April 24, 2017 to a charge of reckless aggravated assault.

Officials say she will serve 1 year in prison, along with 15 years of supervised probation.

PREVIOUS STORY: More charges have been filed against a Trenton woman in connection with a hit and run death in Chattanooga last year.

54-year-old Betty Mundy was originally charged with "Leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in a death." Police say she slammed into the back of a moped, driven by 56-year-old David Bruce. He died at the scene. Mundy has been out on bond since the accident, leaving Bruce's family without a sense of justice. But, now new charges, could change that.  

Betty Mundy now faces several more charges, including vehicular homicide, DUI, reckless aggravated assault and four other traffic offenses. She's currently out on bond and due in court two months.

"I keep crying every now and then thinking about him and he's not going to be here," Linda Bruce said.

Linda Bruce says it's been a painful nine months since losing her brother, David Bruce, made worse by the fact that the woman investigators say is responsible for his death, has been walking free.

"It's just heartbreaking. I feel like justice hasn't been served," Linda Bruce said.

David Bruce was riding his moped on Saint Elmo Avenue last December, when a vehicle hit him from behind, killing him. Then, it took off. Chattanooga Police arrested Betty Mundy when they say she crashed again a few blocks away, her windshield smashed and with Bruce's hair in it.

Mundy was charged with "leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in death" then, but she was arrested a second time last week after blood test results came back. The results show she was under the influence of several drugs, including marijuana, pain killers and muscle relaxants.

"It's like they're saying it but it puts you in disbelief," Linda Bruce said.

Bruce's family says they're getting closer to finding peace now that Mundy faces more serious charges, but are frustrated she was able to post the $60,000 bond that same day and won't go before a judge for two more months.

"I hope they'll do the right thing and hurry up with the process and stop taking all day like he was just not a human being or a person that we loved and cared for dearly, instead of treating him like he was a dog in the street or something," Linda Bruce said.   

The prosecutor on this case says Betty Mundy did not have large quantities of any one drug in her system, but a small dose of even one of those five different drugs, can create impairment.

She'll go before a Hamilton County Judge Barry Steelman November 20th. David Bruce's family says they will definitely be there.