Two suspects were indicted by a grand jury Friday morning, formally charged in the quadruple murder case out of Cumberland County.

Twenty-six-year-old Jacob Bennett faces four counts of premeditated murder. In addition to that, he and his girlfriend, 25-year-old Brittany Moser, face four counts of felony murder and two counts of attempted aggravated robbery. Investigators say the murder of those four young people was over marijuana.

Bennett was arrested September 13th in Dayton. Moser was arrested just a week later.

"It was a shock. It was a big shock. You see them everyday. They're always outside. They talk to you and everything. You never think to wake up and see all the police over there arresting them for murder," says Brandy Sneed.

Brandy Sneed lives across from Jacob Bennett and Brittany Moser's apartment, where police arrested Moser Friday morning, Bennett a week before.

"I always talked to her. I seen them all the time and I'd say 'hi.' Her little girl would wave at me and say 'hi.'"

Sneed worked with Moser five years ago, at a fast food restaurant. She says it is Moser's daughter she is worried about.

"I don't know what to think for her. I feel sorry for her. I would have never thought her mom would do something like this. She's a nice person and everything. She's just not the type of person to cross your mind to murder anybody," says Sneed.

Last week, the bodies of Rikki Jacobsen, Steven Presley, Dominic Davis, and John Lajeunesse were found in the Renegade Mountain community. They had all been shot to death. Investigators say Bennett and Moser were trying to rob two of the victims of marijuana.

"That's a stupid reason to kill 4 people, that didn't even deserve to die," says Sneed.

Moser made some revealing posts to her public Facebook page, following the murders. Last Friday, the day Bennett was arrested, she posted: ":{ i miss so bad." The next day she reveals she got a new phone. On Monday there were two more posts. One says, in reference to Bennett: "I wish u were here. I really need you. Wish I cd go back in time and change things. I miss you so much- feeling depressed." Later that day, "To the point of breaking. Got a crazy calm about me pretty sure ppl r gonna see a side of me they ddnt kno I had."

Her most recent post was Thursday, the day before she was arrested, .revealing she was trying to move: "Lookin for a cheap 2 bedroom in Dayton."

Bennett went before a Cumberland County judge Friday morning. He was appointed an attorney, even though he told the judge he did not want one. He also indicated he was guilty but the court said he could enter an official plea at a later date.

Both Bennett and Moser are being held without bond and are set to appear again in court on October 3rd.

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