HOPKINS. MN (KARE) His story is all over the internet, all over social media, but Joey Prusak will tell you he was just doing his job.

Prusak started working at the Dairy Queen in Hopkins five years ago when he was just 14.

"It's the only job I've had, the only job I've needed," smiled Prusak, who is now the manager and basically runs the place.

Back on September 10 he said one of his regular customers came in to order a sundae.  The visually impaired man gave his order, paid and as he was doing so, dropped some of his money on the floor.

"Right then and there I knew when he dropped that $20 bill, game's over, he's not going to know," explained Prusak.  "He just kept walking and that's when the lady picked it up and I thought, she's going to give it back 'cause she picked it up so quickly."

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