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Battle of Chickamauga reenactment attracts people from all over the world

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War buffs from all over the country are making their way to North Georgia for the 150th Battle of Chickamauga re-enactment this weekend.

You'll see license plates from all over the country; Pennsylvania, Michigan and Louisiana just to name a few.

They're all here for the same reason, to keep history alive.

"I think we really do it to show attention to a past that has been forgotten," said Bill Price.

Price has been participating in war re-enactments for over 10 years.

"I'm a historian. I had family who fought for the south," said Price.

He says it's a great learning tool, to teach everyone young and old about American history.

"We think of it as the preservation of history and we try to keep it that way," said Price.

Price says he's made friends along the way, some near and some far.

"We only see them two or three times a year and this is a gathering from all over the country," said Price.

Even all over the world.

Richard Broadhurst tells Channel 3 he traveled over 4,000 miles and 18 hours, coming all the way from Northern Ireland to participate in the battle.

"I'm just a private so I'm just a piece to be used, a pawn in the game," said Broadhurst.

And he's pulling for the south; his reasoning?

"I'm a sucker for a lost cause I suppose. If its cowboys and Indians, I'm routing for the Indians," said Broadhurst.

Aside from routing for the underdog, Broadhurst says the battle follows the pilgrimage of his people.

"The southern Irish would have stayed in New York, Seattle, and Boston. But those from the plantations, they headed inland and ended up here," said Broadhurst.

And now he's excited to get started.

"I don't think you could measure it, it's been a blast since the moment I got here," said Broadhurst.

Spectators are invited to watch the battles.

For information on when the take place this weekend, click here.

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