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Healthy Meets Nutritious

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It's lunch time at St. Peters School.  One of the most anticipated times of the day.

Food Service Director, Sarah Andrews tells me this is where good taste and good nutrition come together.

Sarah Andrews says "We feel like it's important for the kids to have a healthy well balanced meal and making that possible, making sure there is the least amount of sugar and organic products."

St. Peters has teamed up with Whole Foods Market to come up with great tasting,  kid friendly, and healthy meals, that will please even the pickiest eater.

But to really find out if this food passed the taste test, we had to check with the experts.. Some have definitely learned the importance of eating healthy.

Brady Evans, 2nd Grader says "Because it's organic, is all fresh and its really good for you... How does it taste? It's really good."

And it also has lots of vegetables in each meal.  That's where the chefs have to be creative.

Mandy Moore, Whole Foods says "One of the things that I have tried to do is implementing more vegetables in the sauce, not just tomatoes and onIons, it's five other vegetables are in there."

Those veggies are hidden in there.. And some of these students will quickly tell you, they would much rather be eating this than junk food.

Evan Haynie, 3rd Grader says "You get fat and you need to go running."

Eating too much junk food led to an epidemic of obesity and diabetes.  That's why St. Peters is being proactive when it comes to what students are eating.

Sarah Andrews says "It's very important for the health and well being of the child for them to be as healthy as possible, so they can have the best education they can be."

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