Sharon Dyer was minding her own business, watching TV, when suddenly, "Out of the corner of my eye, I see two billy goats walking across the screen over here."

Two goats in her front yard. Captured on her home security camera.  She went outside to see for herself.

Sharon Dyer, homeowner, "I went out out this way. I went and looked. Looked down thataway. Looked down thisaway."  They snuck into her back yard.

Phone in one hand, video camera in the other, she ended up calling 911. 

911: "Are you needing police, fire or ambulance?"
Dyer: "No, this is goats. Two billy goats. In my backyard. Y'all get.. Don't come over here to my garden."

Sure enough, they destroyed a few of her plants.

Sharon Dyer, homeowner, "They pulled up that jalapeno plant. They pulled up this one."

But Dyer was especially protective of a tiny palm tree, which she brought back from a recent trip to Florida.

Sharon Dyer, homeowner,  "And then a goat is going to eat it? Not on my watch!"

Dyer: "Is somebody coming to help me or no?"

911: "i'm checking with the supervisor right now, ma'am. 

Dyer: "I thought they might bully me, you know, like ram me or something. Uh oh, he's coming. No, don't eat my stuff! get outta there. There's goats! get outta my stuff!"

Several police officers arrived. The owner, who lives just around the corner showed up about the same time.

He says they're his pets, named Savannah and Willie.

He apologized and brought them back home.