A Hamilton County second grader will not be returning to class Thursday, after carrying a gun to school.

The discovery of that gun forced Woodmore Elementary School to lockdown for more than an hour Wednesday afternoon, leaving parents outside with questions, and demanding to know why they were not notified.

"For them to lock the whole school down and no one knows, it's ridiculous," said Pamela Davis, Parent.

Parents arrived to Woodmore Elementary Wednesday afternoon to find blinds closed, doors locked, and police outside.

"I was told there was possibly a gun in the school," said Davis.

Just before 3:30 police were called to campus, after administrators found a handgun in a second grader's backpack.

"I believe that one of the students saw it or one of the teachers saw it and notified administrators," said Officer Tim McFarland, Chattanooga Police Dept.

"In this case it was lucky that nothing happened," said McFarland.

The 7-year-old boy told teachers he took the gun, believed to be loaded, from home.

"It's the standard procedure for officers to lock the school down," said Davis.

Pamela Davis is a school resource officer at another school.

She was forced to wait outside while administrators and police dealt with the issue.

"Your heart starts racing because you never know what's going on inside because you aren't inside. You're hoping that your child is alright, along with other kids," said Davis.

The lockdown was lifted in time for the dismissal bell to ring over an hour later.

Parents drove the pick up line still unaware of what had unfolded.

The school system says an alert was not sent to parents because of the timing.

By the time the lockdown was placed and officers called, the situation was handled and the school day coming to a close.

Not the answer some parents were hoping for, but Pamela Davis says she knows her child was protected.

"They love these kids and I'm pretty sure they've been taking care of them," said Davis.

The 7-year-old boy was released to his parents shortly after police arrived.

Officers took possession of the weapon. The child has been suspended from school. It's unknown at this time if he will face juvenile charges.