A major milestone is reached in the salvage operation of the Costa Concordia.  

Engineers declared the shipwrecked cruise liner completely upright early Tuesday.     

It wasn't an easy operation by any mean, taking crews some 19 hours to do.

This is time lapse video of the recovery of the Costa Concordia cruise ship.

Salvage experts began the slow but steady rotation of the ship Monday morning.

The more than 100, 000 ton ship was pulled upright by a series of jacks and cables.

It involved pushing seawater into huge tanks welded on the exposed side of the ship.

You may recall the ship carrying more than 4,000 passengers and crew capsized and sank in January 2012.

Thirty people were confirmed dead. Two are still missing.

The salvage master said it was one of the most complex and expensive operations ever attempted.

The ship will stay put for some months so it stabilizes.

It will then be refloated before being towed away to be broken up for scrap.