A Bradley County neighborhood is on edge after an alleged sexual assault over the weekend.

Detectives say a man entered a woman's home while she slept, and attacked her.

It happened Friday night at a home on Wilkinson road.

Police say the suspect fled after the woman fought back, leaving teeth marks and scratches on him.

Police tell me this is an unusual case.

In most sexual assault cases they investigate, the victim usually knows the assailant, but in this case, the suspect is a stranger, leaving neighbors wondering if he is still close by.

 "It's quiet, I mean nothing ever really goes on," said Chris.

Chris didn't want to reveal his last name, but he tells Channel 3 he's lived near Wilkinson Road for 10 years and says he's never had problems.

That's why he was surprised when police showed up on his doorstep.

"They just asked if we had seen anybody unusual in the neighborhood," said Chris.

He says he was stunned to hear a woman had been sexually assaulted just feet from his own home.

"I wish he would have broken into here instead, because I could have done something about it. I hate to think a lady's house gets broken into, it is disturbing," said Chris.

Kary Varnell lives down the road and says there isn't a lot of traffic that comes down this street so when someone is there that shouldn't be, he knows it and keeps an eye out.

"Too good of an eye, I mean how many people still slip into the woods and patrol the perimeter," said Varnell.

Varnell has lived here for only about a month and after Friday's event, is now paying even closer attention in order to protect his family.

"You move into a quiet little hollow like this and your neighbors are friendly and keep to themselves and leave you alone and you think ‘hey'. It's a reminder, a wake-up call," said Varnell.

He just hopes the man is found so no one else is hurt.

"It wouldn't matter if she weren't my family or my property, Ii think we all have got to look out for each other," said Varnell.

Police tell me they are looking for a white male who is between 6'0-6'4.

The victim describes him as having a slender build and broad shoulders.
He will likely have noticeable bite marks and scratches on him.

The Sheriff's Department is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

If you know of anyone who matches this description, call the tip line at 423-728-7336