It's not a school day at East Ridge High School but dozens of students were busy at work Saturday morning.

They were joined by parents and volunteers who want to put their best foot forward to walk with pride.

"You don't want the school to look bad because that makes the students look bad. It's a really good school so you want it to look good on the inside and out," student, Lindsey Evins says.

"It has been unbelievable, the turn out," says Principal Tammy Helton.

In her first year as principal Helton wants to make an impact not only at the school, but the surrounding community for years to come.

"I want to see the climate culture change around here. I want the community involved. This is their school, this is East Ridge High School for the East Ridge community," says Helton. "We're putting out graduates that are a part of the community, that will hopefully live here and work here."

Judging by the amount of volunteers on campus Saturday, the school is on the right path.

"We want to bring the pride right back to East Ridge," Assistant Principal Tiffany Ervin says.

Helton says all the materials used to pick up and clean were donated. The school did not spend one penny on its face lift.