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Tunnel Blvd. break-in suspect in court

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One of the suspects accused of breaking into a home appeared in court Friday. Zackaree Howard and Carlos Jones are charged with burglary and vandalism. Police say the two men broke into a Tunnel Boulevard home on Saturday afternoon using a crowbar. Two young sisters were home at the time. They hid in a bedroom closet and called 911.

Both Jones' and Howards' preliminary hearing was moved to another date but Zackaree Howard's attorney requested a bond hearing. It was in the bond hearing Howard's mother testified on her son's character, but the judge did not buy it.

It is in the 911 call you hear the fear in 12-year-old Bre-Asia Morrow's voice as she comforted her 11-year-old sister, Azariah, as they hid in a closet.

"Please hurry," she plead multiple times with the operator.

Police say Zackaree Howard and Carlos Jones broke into their Tunnel Boulevard home to steal whatever they could get their hands on.

"We thought he could see us. We thought he would turn around and see us but he didn't. So that was very scary," says Bre-Asia.

Police arrived at the home and were able to arrest Howard and Jones.

Almost a week later, Zackaree Howard went before a judge. His attorney asked for a lower bond, using Howard's mother to testify that he is a bright student at Chattanooga State.

When asked what her son is studying, she answered, "nuclear engineering."

But she went on to say he also suffers from mental health problems.

"He has been under a doctor of psychiatrist's care since the age of five, starting with ADHD. Then he was diagnosed with bipolar," said Tamara Jones, Howard's mother.

Jones insisted her son is a good person.

"He's a good person. Sometimes he's just gotten very depressed and things like that," she said.

Judge Lila Statom said it did not matter.

"I believe in this case, the factor that's most evident is the protection of our community," she said.

She set Howard's bond for his aggravated burglary charge at $100,000 and his vandalism charge at $20,000.
"When someone is so bold that they will go into someone's house in broad open daylight, I'm not sure what they're limits are," said Judge Statom.

Carlos Jones' and Zackaree Howard's preliminary hearing was moved to September 24th. It is then that Bre-Asia and Azariah Morrow are expected to testify against the two men.

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