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National workers rights group skeptical of UAW efforts at VW

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - A national workers group is calling for a secret ballot election at Volkswagen's Chattanooga plant because it does not trust the tactics of the United Auto Workers union.

Earlier this week, the UAW announced it had the votes to unionize VW. On Friday, the National Right to Work Legal Foundation challenged that by calling the card check system "an unreliable and abuse-prone process."

In a news release to Channel 3 Eyewitness News, the foundation said it has received a number of calls from workers at the plant who were told by UAW union organizers that a signature on the card was to call for a secret ballot unionization election. 

Mark Mix, president of the National Right to Work Foundation, issued the following statement:

"Despite their promises, UAW union officials are now trying to deny workers a secret ballot election to determine whether to unionize.  Instead, they are pressuring Volkswagen to recognize them as the workers' monopoly bargaining representative.

"Any worker who believes they may have been misled, pressured, or coerced into signing a union ‘card' should contact the National Right to Work Foundation at 1-800-336-3600 or the Foundation's website at immediately.  It is not too late for workers to protect their legal rights."

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