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Shallowford Road construction requires two extra months of work

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There's another extension in the Shallowford Road widening project. Construction was originally supposed to be finished by November 2012, then it was estimated to be done this September. Now, 10 months after the original deadline, TDOT estimates it will take until Thanksgiving to finish.

"For what used to be a two-lane street, this is one of the most traveled roads in the area."

Project Manager Matt Cardwell asks drivers to wait two more months for normalcy. Soon, Shallowford Road will be five lanes with sidewalks and 5.5' bike lanes.

"We just moved here six weeks ago from Iowa. So I'm relatively new. But we learned quickly to avoid Shallowford Road at all costs," said Debbie Roth.

Debbie Roth wasn't expecting this much traffic in Chattanooga. Not to this extent, she said. But still she works out at the Shallowford YMCA almost every day. She just looks for ways around the orange barrels.

"Just because I don't know the area," she said. "It seems to get congested quickly and I would just rather avoid it."

Cardwell knows drivers are frustrated; he hears their complaints. But he points to roadblocks he encountered with utilities and the weather. And that's the reason, he says, it'll take another 75 days to finish the project.

"You get rain one day, it may hinder construction another 3-4 days. You have standards you have to go by as far as compaction," he said.

Cardwell knows traffic will only pick up as the holiday season nears. And for now, he hopes the project will be done by Thanksgiving day.

"Of course if we can get it done sooner than that, we'll be more than happy to get it done and get out of here," he said.

By late next week, TDOT says it will swap traffic from the south lanes of Shallowford Road to the newly paved north lanes.

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