CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WRCB-DT) - It was a scene more likely from the script of a sit-com than from a drama, but in this week's case, it is real life. On August 31st, a dark blue Chevy Suburban was getting a wipe down at East Gate Car Wash on Brainerd Road. Chattanooga Police Sergeant Daniel Jones picks up the story. "The suspect goes up to the two employees while they're drying the vehicle and is just having small talk," he explained. "And the employees even tell us, it's just small talk."

It is common to engage in friendly conversation as they finish shining up your ride. But, the problem here was the SUV did not belong to the guy making chit-chat. That did not matter to him. Once the wash/dry job was complete, he simply drove away. "The guy gets into the car and puts it in drive and just takes off," said Sgt. Jones. "The victim comes running out and says, 'Hey! There goes my car! He's got my car!'"

The employees had no idea. "Obviously, he's someone that's brazen enough not to care about anyone else," Jones added. "He'll just have a regular conversation with someone, even though he knows he's about to do something illegal and steal someone's car."

There is no video, nor are there pictures. We only have a suspect description. He is said to be white, in his 30s, around 6-feet tall with a thin build, shaggy hair and a goatee.

There is reward cash waiting if you can put the clues together. "If anyone sees this guy riding around in a Suburban and knows that he probably doesn't have enough money to afford it," Jones said, "or doesn't know where he got it, or how he came about having this vehicle, call Crime Stoppers. Let us know who this person is so we can, at least, check him out to see whether or not they got it the way they should have."

For the rest of us, it seems there are few places, these days, we can afford to let our guard down. "It's sad, but true, you know," Jones mused. "Even though you're going through the car wash, just go out there and watch your vehicle. It's almost sad that we have to do that nowadays."

If you know anything about this case, there is up to a thousand dollars cash waiting. And we promise complete anonymity. An officer may answer the phone or return your call, but he will never ask your identity. Call Crime Stoppers now: 698-3333