Saturday afternoon 12-year-old Bre-asia and 11-yea-old Azariah had the scare of their lives.

Police say Zackaree Howard and Carlos Jones broke into the girls home while the two hid in the closet.

After no one answered the door the men used a crow bar to break the back door lock and get inside.

The girls called their mother who told them to call for help and hide.

While on the phone with dispatch, the suspects get inside and tension rises.

CALLER: "They are inside, they are inside, they are inside!"

DISPATCH: "Calm down. Calm down, okay?"

Azriah says, "All I was thinking is I hope they don't find us or hear us talking."

Bre-asia says once they two hid in the closet, they could see one of the suspects in the room but he never turned around to see the girls in the narrow corner.

"He jumped on the bed and got some money from the dresser and was like right there in front of our faces. We could see the back of his head."

On the other end of the line was Amanda Miller with Hamilton County 911 communications.

As a mother of a 12-year-old, Miller knows the importance of keeping kids calm in an otherwise very stressful situation.

"Having children be your caller is always a special circumstance especially when they were home alone in a potentially dangerous situation."

As the suspects rummaged through the home Chattanooga Police were already on the scene.

One officer stood at the back and another at the front in case the suspects tried to run.

During the entire ordeal the sisters stuck together, kept calm, and held each other's hand until help arrived.

"It was very comforting because I knew someone was there for me," says Bre-asia.

The suspects are facing burglary and vandalism charges.

The family is looking at adding more security to the home.