As President Barack Obama faced the nation to justify a potential targeted strike against Syria, he also reached out to Congress to delay a vote authorizing the use of U.S. military action in hopes of pursing diplomacy.

The second option sounds much more appealing to Rossville, Ga. stylist Kristy Hodson.

"Anything other than an airstrike or trying to go in at this point is a great idea," Hodson, 31, said about the president's announcement Tuesday night. "You know innocent people are going to be killed."

Hodson is among dozens of Chattanooga-area residents polled by the Times Free Press who adamantly opposed even a limited military strike. As international discussions heat up, Americans remain widely skeptical of Syrian involvement.

In interviews, online polls and email exchanges asking how locals felt about the U.S. intervening in Syria's conflict, a vast majority of respondents from a wide range of socioeconomic and political backgrounds told reporters they were against it.

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