Cleveland State Community College has transitioned from campus security to campus police.

CSCC officials say the move is an effort to provide added security measures at the school.

"When I interviewed, they told me the intention was to move from an unarmed security to a full-fledged full-time POST (Police Officer Standard Training) Certified Police Department," says  Mike Hodges, Chief of Campus Police.

Hodges says the biggest reason for the move was violence across the country on school campuses.

 "Violence is growing every day, and the thought process was to make our campus more secure—to be a deterrent to any kind of armed shooter or threat, or criminals in general. We want to keep that element away from the campus."

Dr. Tommy Wright, Vice President for Finance and Administration, says that while Cleveland State has not seen any recent violent crime, the possibility is still there and the school was not prepared if it did happen.

"The first step was training our Campus Security to carry Tasers. When Mike came on board, with him being a POST Certified Police Officer, we were immediately able to take that to a whole new level and convert from Security to Police and carry guns," says Wright.

Police have also been moved to a more centralized location on campus. Originally located across the street from campus, they will now be at the George L. Mathis Student Center.

The transition took about eight month. Hodges said they have hired additional police officers and as other positions become available, they will replace some of those positions with police officers, as well.

For more information on the CSCC Campus Police Department, contact Hodges at (423) 473-2331.