UPDATE:The Chattanooga Police Department has cited Hamilton County School bus driver David Kimbro, 62-years-old in Tuesday's accident that sent 11 children to area hospitals.

Kimbro was cited for following too close.  No other charges will be filed.


A local principal says 11 kids are in the hospital Tuesday morning after a school bus crash on Bonny Oaks Drive.

Chattanooga Police are investigating the morning accident between Hamilton County School bus #310 and the 18-wheeler.

It happened near the intersection of Bonny Oaks Drive and Bonnyshire Drive in Chattanooga.

Tyner Middle School Principal Mark Smith estimated there was about 50 kids on board between the grades of six and 12. He said 11 were taken to the hospital.

The students were evacuated from the bus and examined and treated at the scene as a precaution.

Police and emergency crews were on the scene evaluating the bus' passengers and drivers, but early reports are that the accident is relatively minor.

Some students were loaded into ambulances to be transported to local hospitals for further examinations and treatment. Neck braces were also placed on some students as a safety precaution.

The driver of the school bus said he was monitoring a disturbance on the bus when he hit the 18-wheeler in front of him.

No word yet on any charges that may be filed.

Channel 3 has a crew on the scene and will continue bring you the latest information as soon as possible.