RICHMOND, VA (WWBT)  Sgt. Yeager is a seven-year veteran who's served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and been awarded the Purple Heart. He's also a black lab, whose work has probably saved hundreds of lives.

Now, thousands of miles from the battlefield, he's part of a new mission to help other veterans heal.  

Now he's Sgt. David Tupper's companion and has been for the past year. He goes everywhere with the 30-year-old who's been recovering since June when he was injured in combat.

"He helps me through the doors if it's a tight squeeze," Sgt. Tupper noted. "He'll get on my lap if we're going down a hill and kind of make sure I'm not going too fast. He gets worried. Recently, kayaking - when I'm doing flips - he gets real nervous and tries to get in the water to come to me."

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