The 20th annual Battle of Tunnel Hill reenactment was held this weekend in Tunnel Hill, Georgia.

Local spectators were taken back in time to September 11th 1863;  just days before the Battle of Chickamauga.

Local and out of state volunteers practiced for hours to prepare for the historic event. Donna Binion and her husband traveled from Kentucky. 

"Donating my time is a small token of appreciation to those that lost their lives," says Binion. "It gives an understanding of what these gentleman went through.  War is not fun and should not be glorified."

"This war that was fought from 1861-1865 over states rights. These actors did a great job re-creating the battle," says JW Binion. 

The next big reenactment is the Battle of Chickamauga that will be held on the Mountain Cove property in two weeks.