A quick thinking Kmart employee is being credited with bringing down the largest case of credit card fraud Fort Oglethorpe has ever seen.

Police say this pair tried to use a fake credit card at the store on Thursday.

An employee was suspicious and called police.

After a short chase, officers caught up to the suspects and discovered piles of expensive merchandise, fake credit cards, and an embossing machine.

Investigators say the pair, who police have still not been able to identify, was stealing people's identities and using the information to make the cards.

Police Chief Jeff Holcomb says it's the most elaborate operation he's seen, and it spans several states.

"It looks like they've been to South Carolina, Atlanta, the Chattanooga area, of course here in Fort Oglethorpe," he listed, "and from what we can tell they're going toward Nashville and we've also got connection to Chicago."

Holcomb says his department is still trying to find the real identities of the suspects, who will face felony charges.

Holcomb believes further investigation will reveal other suspects, involved at a higher level.

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