CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Senior business students at East Hamilton spent part of their Thursday being interviewed by local business professionals.  Virtual Enterprise is a course that is based on the European concept of practice firms and has over 5000 participating classrooms worldwide.  VE teaches and hones 21st century job skills and prepares students for both careers and college.  In the process, Virtual Enterprise allows students to compete and engage in international trade within a closed economy.  Business education teacher Jody Crim said, "This is an innovative concept that allows students to network, compete, and learn."

She continued, "VE even has an online banking system. Our two "firms" at East Hamilton compete at an international level."

Thursday, members of the Greater Chattanooga Hospitality Association, the Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Chattanooga Convention Center were among those assisting with the interviews. 

The process plays out as if they were actual, professional interviews.  The students
were a bit nervous at first, but quickly loosened up with great interaction between the professionals and students.