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Look, up in the sky - what was that?

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(NBC) - NASA is showing off it's latest imagines of life above.

The latest pictures are of a meteor blazing across the southern U.S. in the early morning hours of August 28th.

The bright fireball was recorded by NASA cameras as it entered Earth's atmosphere above the Georgia/Tennessee border.

NASA says the meteor was one of the brightest observed by scientist in recent years.

From NASA operation in Chickamauga, Georgia, the meteor was 20 times brighter than the full moon.

NASA estimates the fireball was a mere 2 feet in diameter weighed over 100 pounds.

The rock was traveling some 56,000 miles per hour before it began to break up.

Sensors on the ground recorded sound waves from the event, and a rain of small meteoritic particles falling to the ground east of Cleveland, Tennessee.

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