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Crime Stoppers: Bandit on Bike Steals Cigarettes


This week, it is a Crime Stoppers story that would be comical if not for the fact it was an illegal act. Security video shows a man smash his way into a CVS pharmacy, apparently, for cigarettes. "He was in and out," said Chattanooga Sergeant Daniel Jones. "It's like he wanted a nicotine fix."

Here is how this caper went down. It was after midnight, August 24. The surveillance cameras catch a glimpse of our soon-to-be bad guy. He looks to be casing the State Street store. "The suspect can be seen riding outside on a white bicycle," said Sgt. Jones, "outside in the parking lot."

A few minutes later, he ditches his 2-wheeler and turns into an offensive lineman. "Surprisingly enough," Jones explained, "this guy goes up to the window and basically breaks out the window with his shoulder."

Those windows are made of tempered glass. That is tough stuff. "He probably hit it so hard, he didn't realize how hard he hit it," Jones added, "and he's probably complaining to somebody about his shoulder hurting."

Once our suspect got in, he jumped the counter, but he did not go for the obvious. "The only things that he seems to take that we can actually account for is some cigarettes," said Jones. Newport menthol, specifically. And it appeared he grabbed a display full of lighters.

Then, it was back through the hole he had created, and back onto his bike, riding off into the night, Newports in hand.

Have a good look at the picture and video. He seems to be a white man, 5'10" to 6" tall, with a thin build and a thin goatee. On this night, he was wearing a white T-shirt, hoodie, a ball cap with a black toboggan covering it, and blue jeans.

If you can put the clues together, there's reward cash waiting. "If you see someone that's complaining, who's basically 5'10, complaining of a shoulder injury and they've got a bunch of Newports and they look kinda like this picture, you need to give us a call," Sgt. Jones advised.

Up to a $1,000  reward cash is waiting for your good tip and no one will ever know it was you who made the call. Pick up the phone and dial: 698-3333

An officer may answer the phone or return your call, but he will never ask your identity.

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