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ONLY ON 3: Rhea Co. beating victim says attacker should face more charges

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A Rhea County man is facing a felony charge of aggravated assault, after beating and seriously injuring another man. Part of the fight was caught on video.

It happened last Thursday in the Graysville community. Police say the victim was beaten and left to die. He had to be flown to the hospital.

Gregory Brady has since been released. He says he does not remember much about that day. He says Nathan McCampbell ambushed him over a girl he had been hanging out with. Brady says he could have easily died.

"It scared me because I can't remember it. After I saw myself hit the concrete, that was really really scary. And then seeing him keep hitting me after the concrete. I was out then. It really is scary to watch that video for me," says Gregory Brady.

Graysville Police arrested and charged Nathan McCampbell with aggravated assault after a video surfaced showing McCampbell wailing away on Brady.

"Kicking and hitting somebody after they're passed out and knocked out, I think that's a little more than aggravated assault," says Brady.

Brady says all he remembers is waking up in the hospital on a respirator. He has a broken nose, parts of his face are fractured. He will have to have plastic surgery.

"I stopped breathing and you know, I have a fractured stuff right here, so I don't know if my brain could have swollen or whatever. I could have died."

"When I do get back to see him, he's covered in blood, just covered in blood. His eye looks like it's popping out of his head," says Brenda Cornette.

Brady's cousin, Brenda, has been caring for him since he was released from the hospital.

"When you stomp somebody's face in and say the things that he said at that point, you know, he tried to kill him," says Cornette.

Both Brenda and Greg say McCampbell should be slapped with heavier charges.

Graysville Police declined to talk about the fight on camera, only referring to the incident report for answers on the case. Brady says McCampbell tried texting him after the fight, saying he would take it back if he could.

"'I want to know if our problem is squashed or what because we used to be tight, so what's up?' And then my aunt says, 'Nathan who?' And he says, 'McCampbell.' And she says, 'Do you know what you did to him? Are you serious?' He says, 'Yeah, I know what happened but I tried to avoid fighting with him, but he kept on until we fought. And no I didn't want it to end up like it did but I can't take it back or I would.'"

A bond has not been set for McCampbell yet. He is set to be arraigned Friday. We spoke with District Attorney Mike Taylor about the case. He says there is a chance McCampbell's charge could change after his preliminary hearing or if the case goes to the grand jury.

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