Chattanooga police are looking for someone they say shot a Chattanooga State nursing student with a BB gun Wednesday.

Police were dispatched to West 38th Street shortly before 5:00 p.m. Wednesday.

They say someone shot at a moving CARTA bus near Alton Park and shattered the window. A CARTA official told Channel 3 a few people were aboard the bus, but no one was injured.

Around the same time, police say someone shot a woman standing in a parking lot with a BB gun. But they won't say if the two incidents are related.

"She was bleeding bad. I prayed for her," said eyewitness Loretta Beasley.

Loretta Beasley lives next door to where the BB shooting spree took place Wednesday. She saw the victim shortly after the shooting in the parking lot at the Bethlehem Center.

"Someone shot her in the back of the head, she was laying on the ground bleeding from the back of the head," Beasley said.

Beasley said the victim was with a group of nursing students when someone shot her win a BB gun. A classmate of the victim told Channel 3 off-camera there was 22 nursing students in the area for a field trip.

"It's the bad people that comes over here. That's what it is," said neighbor Tinya Tabestendo.

Neighboring Alton Park resident Tinya Tabestendo said BB gun or real gun, the violence is scary.

"Yes it worries me. Yes it worries me. People who don't belong out here don't need to be coming over here with all their mess and stuff," she said.

David Meredith is the director of education programs at the Bethlehem Center. He said the "parties, perpetrators and victims" aren't associated with the center. And he said even in the center of violence and vandalism, he wants the Bethlehem Center to be a safe haven.

"Whatever happens here in this area never happens here at the Bethlehem Center. People come here to feel safe. Children come here to feel safe."

Chattanooga police said they interviewed the victim at Erlanger but that she didn't know what happened. A friend of the victim told Channel 3 she was released from the hospital with a concussion Wednesday night.