Shawn Curtis holds his son adore after the 9-month old had a scare last week. Curtis says the child was having problems breathing and began turning blue in the face.

"They came in and they said he was losing his breathe and they did CPR and it helped him," says Curtis.

That's when the family called for help and Officer Josh May rushed into the house.

"Most of us are fathers and you go in and see a task, you try to not let emotion get in the way," says May.

May says using CPR on small children is always risky and he didn't have much time.

Just like the monthly training, he says this situation was a text book case of resuscitation.

After several minutes of compressions, young adore, started breathing again.

May says, "Like anything you do it takes practice, but when you put it into action and it is working, it is amazing. It is absolutely amazing."

The family tells us adore had been dealing with breathing problems since birth, but never this severe.

Officer May and backup arrived first and soon after, the fire department took over.

The child was taken to T. C. Thompson where he spent one day for testing.

Officer May says, "It was a great effort from everyone and everyone showed up and it was the best part."

Curtis says the swift work by emergency crews is the reason he is able to hold his son again.

"I'm Thankful. Very thankful. They saved his life and he is still here."