It's evidence of vandalism, discovered by a local contractor at the soon to be Blue Springs Baptist Church.
"He was doing some work, had just put a new roof on and a new facing on the church and noticed some holes in the sheet metal," said Mark Wells, Church Administrator.

Wells says these holes were left by bullets.

"Through some investigation we found some of the casings from the rounds that were fired," said Wells.

Wells believes the shots were fired at an angle, causing $5,000 - $10,000 in damage.

"It hit some electrical boards that we have for our new sewer system, its put holes in the roof, holes in the side. So yeah there's been quite a bit of damage done," said Wells.

The money raised to convert the old school building into a church, will now have to be used for repairs, delaying a move-in date.

"It's just kind of thrown us back a little bit, you know of course we're going have to pay the insurance deductible. We've got the money to do that, but that money was allocated for other things," said Wells.

Wells says it's something his congregation will overcome. They're thankful no one was in the building at the time.

"It's one thing to shoot at a sign, but it's another when you shoot at a building. You know, where potential people could be," said Wells.

"We hope that this was not something that was targeting our church, but rather an act of carelessness and negligence on someone's part," said Wells.

The church will continue on with what it has planned, hoping someone comes forward with the truth.

"We wish that the person would just come forward and give us some ease of mind and say 'hey yeah it was a mistake. We shouldn't have done it.' We'll forgive them. It's just the unnerving part of someone firing into a building. We're not happy with it," said Wells.

The Bradley County Sheriff's Office is investigating the shooting.

If someone doesn't come forward and police continue to investigate, the person could be faced with vandalism and various other charges.