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Tiny stowaway survives rough ride

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DAYTONA BEACH, FL (WESH) - A kitten born in the wild in Daytona Beach has a new home with a family, and the little guy went to great lengths to find them.

The kitten took a ride under a car.

"He's a lucky cat, very lucky," said Robert Avery, who found the cat.

Avery works for the housing authority in Daytona Beach but lives 38 miles north in Palm Coast. He cruised home Monday night going at least 65 mph with the kitten wedged above the tire between the suspension and the frame.

Avery didn't know it until the next morning.

"I heard a noise, and I was in the garage. I kept listening, and I thought it was a frog," he said. "My son and I jacked the car up and about 30 minutes later, we finally got him out."

There are still specks of oil on the cat's nose and in his ears, but Avery said when they first spotted him, he was a mess.

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