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2011 Tornado survivors thankful for help during devastating time

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"I totally expected us to die because it was so horrific. It took the house away in 7 seconds or less," said Bob Colby.

After the devastating tornados hit the Tennessee Valley in 2011, the Colby's lost everything. But in the light they saw friendly faces there to help.

"After it happened, all the people that ran to us, whether friends, first responders or complete strangers," said Joy Colby.

Now two years later, the Colby's have a place to call home once again.

But home isn't complete without friends, which is why Bob and Joy Colby invited every first responder, volunteer, friend and family member that helped them in their time of need.

EMS first responder, Michael Chaigne says he was just doing his job.

"The real heroes, the real people who need the 'Thank you' are the volunteers that spent their time to come here," he said.

But Bob says it's a special job, one that helped his family.

"People a lot of times forget about them and go on as they try to rebuild and we wanted to tell them thank you," said Bob Colby.

"We're thankful for the 'Thank you', humbled by what people have done and it's really great to see the community start to come alive again," said Michael Chaigne.    

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