"She was just an awesome person. Everyone in the community loved her," said Nick Faris.

Faris reminisces on the memories of his mother, who passed away in a car accident in 2009.

"She was the type of person who would help you do anything if she could," said Faris.

A burial plot was something Faris says he couldn't afford. So, instead his uncle made a wooden cross as a memorial.

"When he found out this accident had happened, He had it made and by the time I got there that evening he had it in the ground and surprised me with it," said Faris.

However, the bigger surprise came recently when he found that his mother's cross was no longer there.

"Last time I was there, last week, there was nothing there," said Faris. "I was sick at my stomach. It just breaks my heart. I don't know who would do it. I'm just clueless," said Faris.

He tells Channel 3 he wasn't just robbed of material things, but emotional ones as well.

" A lot of people didn't know. My Wife didn't even know, but that was my getaway place," said Faris. "If I ever have a bad day I just always go there. I do my business, because it's just where I find peace."

And now he says he just wants it back.

"I don't know who would take a memorial cross off of someone's memorial like that," said Faris. "It'd be like any memorial you see on APD 40 ain't nobody wanna drive around and see their stuff stolen and gone."

Faris tells me the cross was made of cedar wood with the name "Sheila" engraved on the middle of it. It is roughly five feet tall.

We spoke to Cleveland City Public works, who said they currently don't have any regulations on memorials that are present on city roads.

They also mentioned they were not the ones who removed it.