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Students move prayer to football field following complaint


In Marion County, prayer will no longer be said over the school's loud speaker after a recent complaint has the Superintendent trying to prevent any future problems or lawsuits.

However that's not stopping the students from continuing their pre-game tradition.

The Superintendent tells Channel 3 after receiving the complaints the school looked into their options, to see how they could continue their tradition legally.

He said one option was a moment of silence, the other, a student organized prayer.

The students of FCA started a new tradition called "Meet Me at the 50."

Friday, supporters of prayer before games gathered in front of the 50 yard line as one student said the Lord's Prayer.

"We wanted to continue the tradition in a way that we could legally do that. And by it being student led it was the legal way to do it and we wanted to go with that," said Dr. Mark Griffith.

"We do it before every ball game and every meal. It's what we grew up believing and it's what we'll continue to believe," said Emily Simmons, FCA Leader.

Simmons tells Channel 3 they did not use any of the schools equipment while conducting the prayer.

A generator and PA system were donated for the cause.

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