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Cuddly kitten joins new litter of puppies

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NIAGRA FALLS, CANADA (WGRZ) The Warner Ranch and Pumpkin Farm in Niagara Falls is a place to get away from it all. Life is simple here and good. What makes this place truly unique is this dog Coco who always leads the way up front. Coco recently had 8 puppies and adopted a baby kitten.

"She climbs over, bites her ears, plays with its tale, and drinks milk -- she going to think she's a puppy," Donna Warner said.

It's not something you see every day. Coco had a litter of pups around the same time the mother cat on the ranch had 7 kittens.

"One morning I was surprised to see there was eight pups and a kitten, so I thought how did that get in there -- so I took it out and it happened three days in a row," Warner said.

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