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FEMA takes aim at kids

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(NBC) - The Federal Emergency Management Agency is launching a campaign this Labor Day weekend to get you to work harder on a family plan for emergencies. The agency's going after a weak spot to get you to listen.

Be it wildfires out west, tornados in the mid-section or hurricanes back east, FEMA says every state's exposed to emergencies and disasters.

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But far from everybody is prepared for it.

Tim Manning, FEMA's Deputy Director says "Less than forty percent of Americans have an emergency plan for their family."

Which, when you include unexpected disasters, can set up some scary scenarios.

"Some sudden emergency where there's an evacuation and you're family's not together at the same time," Manning continued.

Using youngsters, FEMA's launching a new ad campaign that mocks a family that's ill-prepared for an emergency.

The ad's video says "I'll pack the dead batteries - great! I'll only put what I don't need into a duffle bag -perfect! That's totally unhelpful- no problem!"

FEMA's Tim Manning is hoping the sarcasm catches with younger Americans. "It's important that kids know what to do in the case of an emergency or disaster for when they're not with mom and dad"

He says the ad aims to take advantage of a reality: that parents may not listen to FEMA, but will listen to their kids.

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