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UPDATE: Jury delivers guilty verdict in Tasha Bates trial

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UPDATE: After just a few hours of deliberations, a jury of 12 found 27-year-old Tasha Bates guilty of first degree murder and aggravated child neglect, in connection to the deaths of 3-year-old River and 5-yea-old Leland.

Prosecutors spent the last three days portraying Bates as a neglectful mother, and a drug user living in a filthy home.
After hearing from Bates herself, a jury sided with the prosecution, finding her responsible for the death of her boys.

Channel 3 was there for the verdict, and has reaction from attorneys and family members who all agree this was a difficult case.

After the verdict was read, Tasha Baker's aunt asked if she could hug her niece before she was taken away.

The judge denied that request. It was no doubt an emotional evening, family members say the hardest part will be explaining it all to Bates' other child.

After an emotional three days in the courtroom, Tasha Bates learned her fate.

"I knew this was going to be a hard case, based on the fact that the state was going to present," said Richard Hughes, Bates Attorney.

District Attorney Stephen Hatchett says justice was served.

"I think they rendered the correct verdict, the evidence was there," said Hatchett.  

Evidence that showed a drug problem in the home.
"These boys died because of meth. If you take meth out of the equation, I don't think we'd have this situation," said Hatchett.

Now the Bates family is left to explain the absence of one more family member.

"It was the worst possible. The worst possible," said Linda Bates, Family member.

"It's painful, I have to go home and tell her son that his momma has life in prison now," said Linda Bates.

"There's no winners in these cases. You've got a family that's heartbroken because their daughter is going to prison. Two little boys are dead," said Hatchett.

Tasha Bates was found guilty on twp counts of 1st degree murder, two counts of aggravated child neglect and one charge of facilitation of making meth.

Bates could face life in prison with the possibility of parole.

She is due back in court on November 25 for sentencing.
Her attorney, Richard Hughes says they do plan to appeal all of the charges.

Tasha Bates' trial for the 2012 deaths of her two sons, 3-year old River Bates and 5-year-old Leland Bates continued Thursday with a guilty verdict in Cleveland.

Tuesday, jurors heard from several criminal investigators who testified they found traces of meth inside Bates' garage and traces of heroine inside her trailer.

The jury delivered two guilty verdicts of 1st degree murder for the deaths of Leland and River Bates. It also delivered two guilty verdicts on aggravated child neglect charges with a fine of $25,000 each. Tasha Bates was also found guilty for facilitation of meth with a $6,000 fine.

Bates' sentencing hearing is set for Monday, November 25. She faces life in prison with the possibility of parole.

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