UPDATE:  A teenager is behind bars, and police are looking for at least two other suspects, after a robbery, shooting, and police chase.

It started early Thursday morning when the suspects broke into a drug enforcement agent's car.

On Germantown Road, Chattanooga police came in contact with the suspects accused of robbing an agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

"Apparently one of them fired shots at the DEA agent," said Officer Tim McFarland, Chattanooga Police Dept.

The shots were fired when the agent confronted the suspects, while stealing items from his vehicle.

The suspects got away with the agent's soft body armor. Hours later police spotted their getaway car, a red ford escape.

"When they did another suspect vehicle cut that officer off and actually tried to ram that officer's car," said McFarland.

"This suspect actually helped the other suspect in escaping," said McFarland.

Channel 3 was there as the driver of the second vehicle, a red Camry, was taken into custody after a short foot pursuit on South Choctaw Road.

It wasn't long before police learned the Camry was stolen.

"I got a phone call saying my car was found," said Joseph D'angelo, car theft victim.

Joseph D'angelo arrived on scene to find his car scratched, full of trash, and surrounded by officers.

He says it was stolen from his Red Bank home last Wednesday.

"I made sure I called every place up and made sure I paid all my bills. My car wasn't repo'ed, my car was stolen. I was like what the heck? I always lock my car so I don't know how they stole my car," said D'angelo.

As police continue their search for the other suspects, D'angelo is just glad to have his vehicle back.

"It was exciting knowing that they found my car. I'm glad they found the person who stole my car. justice is good sometimes," said D'angelo.

The suspect in custody is a juvenile. Police say it is unknown if he was involved in the incident with the DEA agent. 

Chattanooga police are currently looking for one, possibly two, other suspects.

One suspect is now in police custody.

Chattanooga Police are actively in pursuit of three men now after a vehicle accident near the Tunnel Boulevard and Germantown Road.

A Drug Enforcement Agency vehicle was burglarized earlier today, and soft body armor was stolen. The accident vehicle may be linked to the burglary.

After the accident, the four suspects reportedly split up into two pairs to escape the police.

The areas near the accident and South Choctaw Road off Moore Road are currently under an active investigation by authorities as they search for the suspects.

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