Kelsey Johnson says "I've always wanted to be a nurse and do missionary work and I know I can't do that with my weight as high as it was."

Twenty year old Kelsey Johnson's dreams of becoming a nurse made her face a harsh reality.

Kelsey Johnson says "I know I can't very well stand beside a doctor and tell a patient to lose weight if I am over weight myself."

At her heaviest she weighed more than 300 pounds.

Kelsey Johnson says "It's just been up and down fluctuating then in high school went way up a little too far."

"But this time Kelsey decided she wanted to keep it down and she was determined to reach both her personal and professional goals of losing weight and getting accepted into the nursing program at Chattanooga State."

Kelsey Johnson says "With the knowledge I'm being supplied with through the nursing program its actually helping me make changes in my life."

Long term lifestyle changes and a commitment to her health.

Kelsey Johnson says "Healthy eating exercise, thee was no gimmicks, no special diet, it was all just portion control."

Kelsey is well on her way to making a difference in the lives of others as a future nurse, and just as importantly transforming her own life...  

Kelsey Johnson says "I'm no longer tired all the time,constantly active."